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  1. 《嗓》"Voice Work" (2021-2022)

    The body carries more memories than the mind. As a develop- ment from an improvisation practice mostly dealing with the physical body and physical materials in the past two years, "Voice Work" is the voice that the artist’s body projects and generates as a non-tangible sculpting material and a material vessel. Working with space, the juxtaposition of impressions of the ‘civilised’ body, and the animalistic properties of the pre-linguistic human voice, the artist aims to explore the ambiguity afforded by performance as a means to sculpt and transform the body and its potential capacity as a memory capsule of humanity.

    身體往往比腦海承載着更多的記憶。作品《嗓》為藝術家過去兩年針對肉體和實體材質即興藝術創作的延伸。在作品當中, Florence 把她身體發出的聲音視為無形雕塑材料及材質容器。 Florence 通過配合展覽空間進一步探究行為藝術中的模糊地帶。她以對身體表現出的得體對稱的印象和人類位於語言發展以前動物化的聲音特性的並列為表達渠道。Florence 有意圖對行為藝術中的模糊地帶進行探究,基於這個想法來把人類的肉體以塑造及改造的形式成為人類文明的記憶膠囊。

    Performed on 19.12.2021 at BLACK MARKET INTERNATIONAL EXPLORING 2021, Milchfabriken, Frankfurt, Germany
    Photo by Jürgen Fritz

    Performed on 3.12.2021 at Noble Rot, Para Site, Quarry Bay, Hong Kong
    Photo by Gustav Lindgren and Wong Choiyi Hannah

    Performed on 2.1.2022 at Noble Rot, Para Site, Quarry Bay, Hong Kong
    Photo by Jimmy Lau and Rachel Poon

    Interview on "Voice Work" for RTHK "The Works", aired on 11.1.2022