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  1. "Implantation" (2022)
    Duration: 5 hours
    Performance installation in collaboration with Chan Tze Woon

    “Implantation” is a 5-hour performance piece with Florence Lam (performance artist) and Chan Tze Woon (documentary filmmaker) in January 2022, where Chan Tze Woon selected and compiled a series of archival footages Hong Kong in the 60s and his own home videos, and Florence Lam improvising with movements and gestures with a black & white CRT TV playing these footages on a loop.

    The work explores the body as the carrier of history and memories, and its contradiction with the feeling of displacement and unfamiliarity when associating one’s own culture and history with stories told but never experienced firsthand. The improvised movements surrounding the CRT TV explored gestures of engulfment, hiding, support, balance and play, showing different kinds of urge for connection and rejection generated purely from the relationship between the performance artist’s organic human body and the heavy, hard and dead object (CRT TV) she was spending time with, as if one was wrestling with another, but also striving to create multiple new images together, searching for one’s position and identity in a constantly evolving line of history. The rising and dropping of the performance artist’s energy in the 5-hour performance set the transformation of rhythm in her actions and the rise in difficulty in every position she tried to maintain with the TV.

    As part of "什麼都沒有發生 Nothing has happened"
    Duo show with Chan Tze Woon
    Curated by Emilie Choi Sin Yi
    Supported by HART haus

    Photo by John Tain
    Video by Chan Tze Woon