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  1. Heart Song, 2014-2019

    Performance (Duration: 30 mins)
    Performed at A! Performance Festival, Akureyri Art Museum, Iceland (2019)
    BIG SPACE II, 1 Granary Square, Kings Cross, London (2014)

    “Heart Song” was one of my very first live performance pieces created in 2014.

    “I am sitting still, as still as a sculpture. I am pointing a mic towards my heart.” From the speakers, audiences will hear my voice explaining what the performance is about.

    The performance is an exploration for myself at that time thinking about what ‘performance’, ‘sculpture’, ‘art’ and myself performing as a ‘living being’ are about. I created this work based on my main interests in wonder and magic: by connecting the intimacy of the action of listening to my heart-beat with a spoken text in my own voice, the performance creates an illusion of my heart speaking directly into the microphone in human-language.

    Password for video link below: view