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  1. "Calling" (2017)
    Performed at Tilraunakvöld LHÍ / IAA Experimental Night, Mengi.

    I brought out the long list of phone numbers of audiences collected before the performance,
    and paste it on the wall.
    Then, I would face my back towards the audience and
    throw a dart on the paper to randomly select a phone number.

    Unfortunately, the dart kept bouncing off the wall.
    Luckily I had a Plan B,
    I took out a piece of cooked spaghetti and threw it on the wall,
    and I successfully selected a phone number.

    I would call this number while I am still facing my back towards the audience.
    The selected audience’s phone rang,
    and I had a conversation with this audience without knowing who the person is.

    When the phone call finishes,
    I took down the paper of phone numbers and light it up in a metal bucket filled with white sage,
    so eventually as the list of phone numbers are destroyed
    the strong smell of incense and smoke filled up the room.