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  1. "The Stars Look Very Different Today" (2017)
    In collaboration with Tim Löhde

    Performance video piece "Call, Whistles and Clicks" (2017) by Florence Lam viewed from the inside of the car, while listening to sound piece "Orca Oddity" (2017) by Tim Löhde played from the car radio. Both works combine as an installation "The Stars Look Very Different Today" (2017). Both works are 9 minutes long so they start and end together.

    “The Stars Look Very Different Today” art exhibition is the result of a 1-month artist residency by artists Florence Lam and Tim Löhde at Surnadal Billag, inspired by the story of Keiko, the orca who starred in the movie “Free Willy” (1993), freed after 22 years of captivity and spent the final time of his life at the west coasts of Norway. The exhibition combines video, sound, installation and performance to illustrate the artists’ view on the conflict between justice and romanticism when it comes to the relationship between human and nature, based on the inability to fully communicate. Different elements and personas in the exhibition play the orca and humans simultaneously, expressing the interchanging strong emotions for freedom and loneliness in connection with mass and pop culture.

    Generously supported by Surnadal Billag A/S.