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  1. "I Hear You Say" (2018)
    Installation in collaboration with Tim Löhde
    FAK.18, Münster, Germany

    “I Heard You Say“ explores the potential of old means of communication as of radio, and how a building could possibly become a communication device itself and regain its charm for being rooted in one place.

    I created several performances with the sculpture during the exhibition. I was broadcasting my heartbeat through the radio transmitter inside the sculpture to the neigbourhood. Audiences said that it looked as if my heartbeat was powering the machine, but the same time the sculpture was giving me life. Another time I placed my hands on the speakers of the sculpture and breathed simultaneously with a pre-recorded breathing sounds coming from the sculpture.

    Generously supported by Kunst Stiftung NRW, Jäckering, Stiftung Kunst & Kultur Münsterland, NRW.Bank, Kulturstiftung der Westfälischen Provinzial Versicherung, Stadt Münster Kulturamt & the FAK.18 team.