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  1. 泊, 2022
    網線銅版印刷 (26版)

    在五十年代,斯洛伐克籍醫生和占星學家尤金喬納斯(EugenJonas)在古楔形文字裡找到線索,提出一個女性的生殖力受月亮週期所產生的能量影響的論述,解釋了為何某些女性會在月經期間等,科學解釋上不尋常的時機受孕。 春季鮮花盛開的滿月,被稱為「花月」、母親的月亮。藝術家在二零二二年五月十六日花月這天,透過超聲波影像紀錄自己的子宮的狀態,並印成銅版畫。該圖像攝於月經來潮期間,象徵海浪。藝術家視子宮為創造生命、具魔法的器官。靈魂進入子宮內成人,像船停泊在岸邊補給,成為生命投入現實世界前的轉折點。

    Berth, 2022
    Mezzotint Print (Edition of 26)

    In the 1950s, Slovakian physician and astrologist Eugen Jonas found clues in ancient Assyrian cuneiform handwritings, suggesting that female fertility is influenced by the energy generated by the moon’s cycle, which explained why some women conceive at scientifically unusual times, such as during menstruation. On 16 May 2022, during the full moon of blooming spring flowers, known as ‘Flower Moon’ or Mother’s Moon, the artist recorded the state of her uterus through an ultrasound image and printed it as Mezzotint. The image was taken during menstruation, and with the euphemism of menstruation, flow, alludes to ocean waves. The artist sees the womb as a magical organ for the creation of life. The soul enters the womb to take shape as human being, like a ship berthed on the shore to replenish supplies, making the womb the transit point before life enters the mortal world.

    Presented at Post-Human Narratives Phase 3: In the name of Scientific Witchery
    Hong Kong Museum of Medical Sciences
    Commissioned by Para Site
    Curated by Kobe Ko
    Photo by Wong Pak Hang