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  1. 《In Your Shoes》
    香港/ 2023/ 30 分鐘/ 廣東話/ 中英文字幕

    行為藝術家Florence與紀錄片導演梓桓是一對情侶,他們相約交換相識之前的傷痛記憶,並嘗試以自己的創作方式,重演對方的經歷 ── 他們是否真的能透過創作,走進對方的內心?

    Florence LAM:穿進他破爛的鞋子裡,大小不合的腳,感受對方烙印在鞋底的腳型,奔跑過後的餘溫已經冷卻,我用體溫把它蹭暖,重演那感覺。把腳抬起,鞋子看起來很大很重,我卻能輕易提起來,然後我發現他一直蹲著,用手替我承托著。即使重演當刻有多真實,我所經歷的危險和恐懼都遠遠不及當時的他。可是在理解他創作語言的途中,我好像明白了什麼。抱著兩雙破舊卻捨不得丟掉的鞋子,我們珍而重之。


    Hong Kong/ 2023/ 30 mins/ Cantonese/ Chinese & English subtitles

    Performance artist Florence and documentary filmmaker Tze-woon are lovers. They propose to exchange each other’s distressing memories before they met and attempt to reenact each other’s experience with their own art form — Could they really walk closer towards each other through the process?

    Florence LAM: Putting on his tattered shoes, even if it’s ill-fitting on me. I tried to feel the shape of his feet imprinted on the sole, but I can’t feel his body heat anymore. I rubbed to warm it up, to reenact that feeling after running. I lifted the shoes up easily, despite it looking big and heavy, until I found him squatting down supporting its weight with his hands. No matter how real the moment I re-perform his memory, I can never really replicate the danger he faced and the fear he endured at the time.

    However, I seemed to understand something when I tried to learn his creative language. Holding the worn-out shoes that we were reluctant to throw away, we embrace them with care.

    CHAN Tze-woon: “As a man, how would you ever understand the unique experience of a female body?” Indeed, body and sexuality are fundamentally incomprehensible, so is creative expression. Florence and I hold a completely different view towards the truth, could we walk into each other’s memory through our own creative media? Despite being sceptical, at least we stepped into each other’s shoes and tried to take one step forward.