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  1. 《傾斜與對準》”Tilt and Level” 行為工作坊 Performance Art Workshop by Florence Lam in April 2022

    “Tilt and Level” performance art workshop is led by performance artist Florence Lam in April, 2022 in Hong Kong, exploring tasks and exercises developed by Florence Lam with 8 participants coming from different creative backgrounds. The workshop aims to provide an opportunity for participants to develop their interest in performance art individually and collectively. There will be 5 days of workshop, with opportunities to explore and develop individual, duo and group performance settings.

    陳卓甄 Glo Chan
    陳熙鏞 Xiyong Chan
    蔡逸明 Kenneth Choi Yat Ming
    王穎琳 Vivian Wong Wing Lam
    劉海浩 Jimmy Lau Hoi Ho
    彭靖 Jing Pang
    黃姬雪 Ice Wong Kei Suet
    楊小芳 Siu Fong Yeung

    Group improvisation, as part of “Tilt and Level” performance art workshop led by Florence Lam
    Photo by Florence Lam