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  1. Furo-rensu no Heya, PARADISE AIR, Matsudo City, Chiba, Japan.

    耳元から聞いてください / Please Listen from the Bottom of Your Ears (Transcript: Japanese / English)

    F: 前に聞いたことあって、戦争の時、チョコレートは薬だったでしょ?そうゆう役があった。
    I heard that in the past, during the war times, chocolate used to be medicine. It used to serve for this purpose.

    N: そうそうそう!それで、精神を安定させる。戦争してるから、殺したり、殺されに行くの嫌でしょ?心のハートが錆びつてて、とっても頭が不安定でしょ?だから、チョコレートをちょっと舐めて、安心、安定させる。
    That’s right! So to calm your spirit. During the war, killing and going to be killed was so unpleasant. Your heart starts to rust and your mind becomes unstable. A taste of chocolate was used to relief and calm you down.

    F: 昔チョコレートは珍しいかったので、舐めるともっと効果が強かったかもしれない。普段は食べれない。今は簡単に食べれると、慣れるようになった。
    In the past, chocolate was so rare, therefore its effect must be much stronger than it is now. You don’t get to eat it normally. Now that we could find it so easily that we have gotten used to it.

    N: 慣れるの。だから、典子さんのこんな小っちゃい頃、子供の頃はチョコレート、宝石だった。
    Yes, you get used to it. Therefore, when Noriko was small, in my childhood, chocolate was like a gemstone.
    Our father and mother would only buy us a piece of chocolate on special occasions like birthdays and Christmas, then all the children would preciously preciously eat it bit by bit. As if it was a real gemstone.
    The chocolate was wrapped in silver foil, and we would carefully open it. We would be so glad and treating it as if it was diamond. Not finishing it right away, but keeping parts of it to be enjoyed the next day.
    Now, you can buy it for 100 yen anywhere you go.

    F: いらっしゃい…

    N: スーパに行っても、コンビニに行っても、色な種類はあるもんね。
    Supermarkets and convenient stores, you could find whatever types you wish for.